The Best 12 Free Fonts Resources for 2020

free best fonts
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Professional new fonts free for 2020, free downloads for commercial use. The new free fonts are suitable for the web and any kind of graphics, a masterpiece of typing art. This collection includes sans serifs, script fonts, handwritten fonts, and brush fonts can make your design more professional. The following fonts are perfect for creating a creative and perfect design for any artwork. Check out the best-free professional design fonts, based on suggestions from designers around the world. Free new fonts ready for logo, invitations, stationery, wedding make-up, social media, post ads, product placement, product design, labels, photos, watches, special events, and more. We did some research and found free font resources to use with our Graphic and web design projects. Now you have to decide which one suits your most visible assets. I think 12 is always better than 1 and we tested them all.

Here is the list of 12 Best Free FontsResources

1. Google Fonts

Best fonts

2. Font Squirrel

graphic design spot

3. Free Fonts Resources

front resource


fontsquarall free font

5. Urban Fonts

free graphic desgin fonts

6. Abstract Fonts

best free fonts

7. BeFonts


8. losttype

free fonts

9. Font Fabric

free web fonts

10. 1001FreeFonts


11. The League of Moveable Type

free font

12. Use Modify

use font

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