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IOS UI Kit 15- Free Figma Resource

The free IOS UI Kit 15 contains dozens of new and refactored components, text styles, color styles, hundreds of variants, and light/dark modes.

Changelog & About this Kit



  • Safari updated to reflect lates changes in Beta 6.


  • Navigation Bar updated to correct for mismatched dark mode icons in Search Bar.


  • Video Player updated to reflect icon changes in iOS 15.


  • Safari updated to match iOS 15 Beta 4.
  • Time in Status Bar is now an editable layer.


  • Quick fix for Navigation Bar to support longer text titles.


  • Input fields added (a big thanks to @realvjy!).


  • Added Face ID components.


  • Corrected the label for SystemPurple/Light (thanks, @pixeljennie!).


  • Added support for new App Clip sizes.
  • Added support for Table Row headers & descriptions.
  • Slider now supports Auto Layout (thanks, @realvjy!).


  • Added support for a text layer within the action groupings for the Action Sheet component.


  • Created a new component for the Action Sheet in iOS.


  • added a “_” to atom-level components to prevent them from being published into the design system.
  • Due to bug reports with SF Symbols disappearing for some, icons have been converted to outlines.
  • Contextual Menu now supports spacers.


  • Removed unintentional “Bottom Action” layers from Safari.
  • Added new view for Safari when the webpage is scrolled, which hides the tab bar.
  • Cleanup: added a “_” to kit-specific components to ensure they’re not published into the design system.


  • Within App Clip, added missing tint layer to the Wallpaper instance to better reflect when App Clip is present.

Compatible with:   Figma

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