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Zanzi Free illustrations

Zanzi is one of the best Free illustrations bundles that provides fantastic concepts and scenes for startups and SAS businesses looking for fresh illustrations for their websites and Mobileapps.

Zanzi covers a wide range of categories needed for newsletters, websites, and apps. Flat illustrations with outline stroke to define the details and provide crispiness to the scenes; Zanzi covers a wide range of categories needed for newsletters, websites, and apps. You can adjust the colors or edit the sceneries to create a more unique look that fits your business with these new vector graphics.

Original source files in Vector Ai format were given, as well as Optimized SVG for web, PNG, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. The Zanzi drawings set is available for both personal and commercial applications at no cost.

We’ll be pleased if you use our open-source illustrations.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Sketch


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